My Sweaty Wet Model

I know I have just disappointed many people here and in lands afar. I am sorry. I guess this is as good a point as any to say “BAZINGA!!”. I am a Coca Cola addict…do not bother trying to give me the ‘Coke melts bones points’ they do not work on me. I love me my Coke and I give credit to the creator of Coke, why put his efforts to waste? You know that new Ad where the guy pours a cold Coke into a glass with ice cubes and the Coke pours down over the cubes with that crackling sound and fizzy discharge that releases those playful bubbles that invite you to take that sip, no, gulp and finish with a self satisfied Aaahhh! Yes that Ad…it makes me gulp.

So yeah, as I partook my daily dose of Coke in the office, while holding a camera, what did you expect? My brain was supercharged into action. All Coke lovers, I know you feel me.

Now here is what you need to do. Grab an ice-cold coke, pour it into your huge glass tumbler, pull a seat and as you view these next photos take a gulp, more than one even, let out that ‘Aahh’ and the warm long burp. Enjoy your Coke as I am.


17 thoughts on “My Sweaty Wet Model

  1. gosh u scared me at some point the second pic is on point… i like the way u dont only do portraits at least with ur blog i can’t get bored…

  2. I think “Wet Coke” would have been more appropriate :)

    I am Coke addict, so I understand what you are feeling. Now gonna grab a cold Coke in my fridge and get electrified or burn to death (stupid ads).

  3. Muts, I want me a coke now!!! I know exactly wat you mean..that coke-melts-the-teeth vybe, dain work on me either…That fourth shot, really got to me…I want a coke now!!! They really should hire you and get rid of those huge billboard ads with some gurl sipping a coke coz they do nothing for most of us…

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