Paragasha Night in Low-Key

This week, I attended a concert by my friend Anthony aka @Antoneosoul called “Paragasha Night”. The gig was awesome and I enjoyed myself to bits, however, knowing that you are here to see and not read, photos follow. All the performances were awesome especially Wambua aka @mwambua, Anto and guest band for the night, Ma3 aka @ma3theband. Follow them on twitter.

For the photographer’s you know how limitation breeds a learning scenario, well I was using my friends’ Canon T2i, a sweet machine and a 100mm f/2.8  lens. I was seeing everything in a new way, seeing as I am used to the 50mm f/1.8 for such. I know, I am a sucker for prime lenses anytime. So everything here is shot using that. I love lowkey photography hence the choice for photography. That said lets dive in.

Wambua on the mic

Anto on his new jam “Kiss, Command & Promise”

And then Ma3 stepped on stage to “beba beba” us


12 thoughts on “Paragasha Night in Low-Key

  1. Just one question, maybe a bit off topic. Compare the Canon T2i/550 D and the kawaida Nikon you use. ??
    And now a bit on the topic line, awesome shots. I usually feel that Low key photography should be used for photographing concerts or any event with differently colored lights. This awesome post just confirmed that feeling. Great work man.

    • Well that is an unfair comparison. The T2i is better, its on another level. It can be compared directly with the D90. Mine is a D40. When compared that way, you’d have to pick based on comparison. The T2i is a very good camera but I am a Nikon man

    • Well, I was using a very fast lens with f/2.8 meaning I could get a lot of light in there while shooting at ISO 200. Also the camera handles high ISO’s very well. Then on post I reduce the excess noise using “Nik Software’s Define pro” A deadly plugin for dealing with noise.
      For now just shoot using as low an ISO as you can and work on improving yourself there

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