Personality Thursday [15]-Bathed In Light

As you remember some 1 week ago I mentioned that a few photographer friends and I hooked up to test Steve Kitoto‘s lights. Our model did not show so we “convinced” our friend Katts to just throw around some poses and had fun with it. My head is telling me that today is Friday and my body is following suit so I really don’t want to talk much, your IQ may drop just by reading so photos…

And to finish everything off, I asked the photographer’s Steve & Shaydest to join Katts for a photo which I believe they rocked ama?


17 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [15]-Bathed In Light

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  2. I know them!!!!!!!thats professional stuff!!!The last pic iko juuest what!!!
    Makes me feel like doing a photo shoot withu guyz :)

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