Multilingual [Part 2]

Seems that yesterday I left a lot of people hanging with my half alphabet (which btw, I had every intention of finishing in the following days). So part 2 is here for those that are using this to learn sign language, cool stuff, keep on. Mrs. M’s lecture yesterday went very well and the kids were very receptive which got me thinking. Kids in primary school should really learn sign language especially government schools where they only do 5 subjects now, compared to the 12 we did. I do not understand why they still go to school from 7am to 5pm, for 5 subjects?? Really school should just be from 9am to 3pm(including Physical Education). As I digress, the point is that if kids can learn sign language in school as a compulsory but maybe non examinable communication skills class, we would have a breed of people that are aware of the hearing impairment and make the hearing impaired guys more ingrained in society. That is all I’m saying.

Paragasha Sneak

I had to show just one photo that describes how jana’s Paragasha night was…Electric


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