Getting Multilingual

So today Mrs. M starts a job teaching kids sign language. Yes, she is a sign language interpretor amongst other things. I really think it is a cool thing that kids get to learn sign language even though they aren’t deaf, why? I think it makes the other people with hearing imparement feel appreciated and accepted in society. Imagine if sign language was a compulsory subject in our elementary education, given that these kids only do 5 subjects and stay in school all day, It would be a better use of their time.

So anyway, I have wanted to do a sign language piece of photography for a while and this is a good day to start. Let us learn sign language together, ok.

This first one may look like the rocker sign, but it’s actually the sign symbol for love. I love you.

Now we learn the alphabet. I should also mention that I shall be adding the rest of the alphabet as the days go on. To learn more, keep coming back this week as we learn to sign.


16 thoughts on “Getting Multilingual

  1. Hey Muts add the rest of the alphabet.. i once learned a bit of sign language.. now i want to remember the rest with pleasant photographs.. hehehehe

  2. Nice and informative.. I have been planning to learn sign language for the longest time ever.. thanks for the quick lesson!
    Congrats to Mrs M..

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