Personality Thursday [14] – ANGLOPHONIC MATTERS

Lately, I have found a new appreciation of life. I think we complain too much, talk too much without doing anything and pretty much hate on anyone else that is. I think, no more. And I do not mean, no hating on others… :), just no hating without doing anything myself worthy of gathering a few haters :). I know I sound strange but trust, I’m still the same. I mean, it is time to do that which would really make you happy: Buy that new lens, that camera, write that book, break up with that duche bag, go on that vacation, tell that nosy neighbor to mind his/her own damn business. You get my drift.

Sometimes we talk about doing things for so long, it satisfies us to talk about it then we never get to do it, next time just do the damn thing, there ain’t going to be that other opportunity 50 years from now. I must sound like a prosperity preacher, strangely enough, this has nothing to do with the photos for today. It is just my early morning rant.

Matters of an Anglophone nature

My guest to the studio sometime back was the MTV MAMA award 2010 nominee, Owen Mwatia aka Daddy Owen. He needed some portraits and I am glad to have been the one who did them, my  studio was star struck :). As a person, Owen is much fun to hang out with and shoot, most of the shots did not need to be re-shot, one take and on to the next(most photographers know that this does not always happen, or it is just me)

Owen is both an artist and artiste as you shall find out if you check out his Mtv MAMA profile. Having once worked as a matatu decorator for Buru mats amongst others. This year he has also been nominated for an Mtv MAMA Award in the ‘Best Anglophone Act’ category so you guys know what to do….vote, Vote, VOTE.(you can vote here). To keep up with what Daddy Owen is upto you can visit his website []

He also has a new video out, Saluti. A collaboration with some serious gospel lady artists. That, you can watch below


Enough talk, let us go into photography already.




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