Wallpaper Monday [14]

Hi everyone. My words are finally free to grace the blog again. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the numerous tweets, DM’s, sms’s, phone calls, emails…wait not emails, facebook wallposts and inbox messages that I received during my period of ‘the process’. Your comments on the blog in my period of silence did help during that weird time. We laid my late dad to rest on Sartuday and I truly pray that he may rest in peace.

I kinda resurface today with Wallpaper Monday [14] and hopefully a semblance of normalcy. I also got featured today, sorry, the blog got featured today on Safaricom‘s new Niko Na  Safaricom website, check it out. That was a good start to my day, I have to say. So anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s wallpaper. It is kind of a revisit of my graphic design “abilities” combined with my photography. Here goes.

I AM ALIVE: And I’m gonna live like I am

[resolutions] – 1440×9001600×12801900×14401920×1200ipadiphone


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