Wallpaper Monday [13]

Hey guys. I really am hoping that y’all are having a better start to your week than I am. I must say that this is going to be a bit of a dark week and I really do not feel like blogging at all but I also feel like this is my release from all the pressure and so I do it. If you do not do well with self expression, I would advocate avoiding the blog this week. I have lots of bottled up feelings that need to get out and that shall happen and shall be seen through the series of photos from the whole week as I face my demons in the way that I know best, photographic therapy.

This is also the reason I only have one wallpaper to share today. I hope it shall be worth it. Those who pray, pray for me as I go through my transition. Do not speculate too much about what is going on, just trust that I shall come out better. You can leave any comments you have below and I shall be reading them but these are the last words from me this week here, all else shall be said in photographs as they really are worth a thousand words.

Please enjoy Wallpaper Monday [13]

My City Sleeps/Weeps

[resolutions] – 1440×9001600×12801900×14401920×1200ipadiphone


8 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [13]

  1. I feel you on the week starting on a mistep… was at a client shoot all weekend till late, photographer can’t send the images today till 4pm and client wants layouts by COB.. which essentially means I’ll end up sleeping at work. Tomorrow is a public holiday which I won’t get to enjoy since I might be working… basically it’s a mess. Sorry for ranting on your blog but trust me when I say that one wallpaper is good enough for today… thanks.

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