Wallpaper Monday [12]

Wasap everybody. I am very pleased with the responce we had last week regarding the guest posts. Everyone showed them love and they loved reading through your comments I’m sure. I totally enjoyed showing off work from my fellow photographer friends and designer and hope to do more of that in the future, keep coming back for more.

On to the 12th edition of Wallpaper Monday, enjoy.

 I&M wallpaper

Resolutions: 1440×900 /1600×1280 /1900×1440 /1920×1200 /iPad /iPhone

Nyayo Monument wallpaper

Resolutions: 1440×900 /1600×1280 /1900×1440 /1920×1200 /iPad /iPhone


6 thoughts on “Wallpaper Monday [12]

    • Thanks, Yes. I plan to approach the Kenyan ladies for a December edition of guest posts. Have to do that. from the successful exposure created by last weeks posts, there should be a followup

  1. after all this, i find myself cloud-watching using whatever i have on me which most of the times happens to be my phone…… thanks for the inspiration bro.


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