Personality Thursday [11] – ‘LowKeyism’ by STEVE KITOTO

Personality Thursday today is courtesy of my friend Steve Kitoto aka @SteveKitots on twitter. Being a long time friend, I discovered our mutual love of photography much later and it was a pleasant surprise. We also have a similar love for low- key photography so I thought he’d do well on Personality Thursday.

Steve is one of the founders of, an innovative media company with an online radio station you can listen to called Jemedari Radio.

According to Wikipedia, the term “low key” is used in cinematography to refer to any scene with a high lighting ratio, especially if there is a predominance of shadowy areas.

MM: Steve, I’m grateful you agreed to grace us here by coming through. It is a pleasure. Maybe start us off by helping us understand you…

SK: Who i am can be broken down in various ways, I choose to list it for you. Graphic and website designer, singer, songwriter, instrumentalist (I play the piano) and how can we forget, Photographer. Basically what I am trying to say, the arts drive who I am. Aside all these thing, I love to chill with some good music playing depending on the mood but I love Jazz (the likes of George Duke, George Benson and Norman Brown etc), HHH (HolyHipHop), Reggae and Rn’B.

MM: Why photography?

SK: I have always loved photography all along but I could not afford to buy my own camera. I started shooting stuff with a tiny digi cam or my phone and really try to stretch them to the limit in terms of trying to achieve DOF, and some great landscape shoots etc. It was when I was out of the Kenya for a while that I got a chance to buy my own camera, my baby and she is called Cassie.


MM: What or who Inspires you in photography?

SK: Well I have alot of inspirations and I mentioned a couple of my blog, but the people that really made me wanna get into photography are name Hermann Mwadime and another chap is called Mark Kathurima. I would see these guys shoot and see the fun they are having and could picture myself in that position :-) one day!!

MM: So far, with the experience you have garnered, what are the pros and cons of being in your field?

SK: Well as for the Pros, I am my own boss…I don’t have to wake up to somebody’s instructions :-) and can wake up whenever I want and leave whenever i want :-) hehehe But i guess it up to me to determine the quality and I like it coz I get challenged every day to improve myself in any and everyway!!

As for Cons well, Kenyan being Kenya, people never want to pay for your product, they always want to find some way to cheat you of your money and not really appreciate your work for the value that it has.

MM: Yes, I hate it when people don’t see the value of my work too. Any way, what animal would you be(if you could) and why?

SK: What kind of animal, i would be hhhmmmm i think i would go with Panther because of its sleek, undercover roaming around nature :)

MM: What about a gadget?

SK: If i were a gadget…I would go with an  apple device…maybe the iPhone or MacBook Pro. Both are groundbreaking technologies and I believe a side of influence falls in that line and I continue to strive to make that groundbreaking effect.

MM: Steve what are your tools of preference? both software and hardware…

SK: Well my tools are, Canon 1000d (Code Name: Cassie), my trusty laptop a Samsung and I mostly do my edits in Lightroom. I used to use Photoshop alot but I like the response Lightroom gives me.

Well, thanks a lot Steve. It was a pleasure having you here. Steve can be found in this avenues

Steves Blog []

Steves Flickr

Steve’s Twitter [@Stevekitots]

Website []


11 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [11] – ‘LowKeyism’ by STEVE KITOTO

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  2. Good stuff.The 4th photo looks like its straight of vogue cover page :),love it and the last black n white pix is just HAWWWTT!@Muts,any female photographers?….HAKI YETU!

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