Wallpaper Monday [11] – WordTracer edition

Welcoming Guests:

This whole week is Guest week here. I shall be featuring guest photographer’s and blogger’s and designer’s. (Lets just see how it goes), it shall be normal programming with different faces. I hope you enjoy these guys works as much as I do. They are talented artists and creative’s and it is an honor for me to know them.

Wallpaper Monday [11]

Today’s wallpaper’s come from John Jumbi aka @wordtracer on twitter aka JJ in real life. I asked him a few silly questions and he graciously answered each…

“I am a Graphic designer(some call it ‘Digital Artist’), theatrical enthusuaist and a son of the Most High. I do what I love and love what I do.”

MM: I have seen your wallpapers and they are really cool, what Inspires you?

JJ: God is an artist, he loves a good piece of art when he sees it. Read the story of creation (Genesis 1) if you don’t believe me! After creating some wonderful pieces he said’ Its all Good’. Think about it, the most creative elements in life are from way back then: a starry sky, a moon lit evening, a fiery sunset, a snow capped mountain, an scenic waterfall…  Creativity has made the world what it is today.

MM: How would you describe your typical workflow?


Brief: Identify problem at hand and the creative concept that will best solve it.

Read: Doing research on the concept to be done, is it new, original… ask questions that help in building an appropriate concept to tackle the need and if possible observe what others before have done about a similar problem.

Build: Getting down to the tools, comp and trusted software to best bring about the intended message. This is where sleepless nights occur… sometimes

Deliver: Publish or deliver the final design to the intended party. In case the design is not satisfactory, the cycle starts again… ahhh sweet pain!

MM: I know that you are a freelance designer, what are the pro’s and con’s of that?

JJ: The Pros are that; I love what I do, I get paid for doing what I would otherwiswe do for free and that There is enough compe(tition) for me to keep my game up.

Some Cons are that; There can be endless back and forth between designer and client…change this… remove that… add this… etc & Creative crunch can occur at any time! Shortage of creativity comes without warning. Beware!

MM: This next questions may seem silly, they aren’t. They’ve been vetted thoroughly. If you were to be an animal, what animal would you choose, why?

JJ: A penguin… the only animal that wears a suit

MM: If aliens came and converted you into a gadget(and you had a choice) what would it be?

JJ: Salt shaker… little bits of flavour here and there… when empty, always gets a refill!

MM: Thanks for the serious answers. What are your tools of choice, hardware, software, weapons, if any?

JJ: I use a Dell Inspiron laptop with 3gb Ram and 1gb of ATI graphics. For software, I work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW (yes I know… am that old skool).

Thanks a lot JJ aka John Jumbi who, by the way,  is the creative director at Hansel Creative Ltd (www.hansel.co.ke). A graphic design and printing company based in Nairobi.

Blogsite: www.wordtrace.wordpress.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnjumbi

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wordtracer

As part of His special appearance today, he made some serious wallpaper for my blog. This may look like blatant self love but hey, what can I say, JJ made this as a gift to my blog. So Wallpaper Monday today is a Wordtracer affair.

“Chrome” Wallpaper


1440×900 /1600×1280 /1900×1440 /1920×1200 /iPad /iPhone

“Fantasy” Wallpaper

Resolutions: 1440×900 /1600×1280 /1900×1440 /1920×1200 /iPad /iPhone






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