A Manly Pinkish Friday – I HAVE BREASTS TOO!

As we wrap up October which is breast cancer awareness month, this time we speak to the men. Who better to do this than re-known poet/blogger among other things, Wamathai. Frequent visitors here know that every Friday this month has been all about going pink for breast cancer. You can read Post #1 written by Saitone and Post #2 written by Wanjeri Gakuru as I collaborated with people of the pen order.

We really hope that the point was driven home. Get checked, do not leave it to chance.

I Have Breasts Too by Wamathai

Like most men I thought that breast cancer only affected women and I didn’t really give it any attention. I couldn’t relate something that attacks breasts to men but it turns out that men do actually have breast tissue and that’s where breast cancer manifests itself. 1% of all breastcancer cases occur in men and it may sound like a small number but since most men believe that only women get breast cancer, they often ignore the early signs of breast cancer which could prove fatal since it is untreatable if detected in later stages.

The fact that men have much less breast tissue makes it easier to detect any abnormality sonext time (if you are a man) you find abnormal lumps or swelling in either the breast, nipple, orchest muscle, Skin dimpling or puckering, nipple retraction (turning inward), redness or scaling of the nipple or breast skin or notice nipple discharge then consult a doctor. It could save your life.

If it happens, Ignorance will not be a defense

If I ignore the symptoms, I’ll only have myself to blame

I refuse to be part of a statistic, So I’ll pay attention

And when I notice something, I’ll go to a doctor straight away
[© james wamathai]



The Author –

James Wamathai is a poet, blogger, account, entrepreneur, events
organizer and is also the founder of the poetry website [wamathai.com.]
He has been writing for the last 13 years..

Website | http://wamathai.com/ (A blog that features poetry, short stories etc by young African writers)
Follow him on Twitter | http://twitter.com/wamathai


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