Personality Thursday [10]

Edition #10, somehow, this feels very nice to me, I hope I’m not the only one. Really excited to still be doing this and be getting better at it on a daily basis. If you remember well, the reason I started Personality Thursday was because I really feared people shoots and wanted to get over my fear of portraits. In fact take a look at the first PT I did here to see how it all started.

My personality today is someone I met in high school at Moi Forces Academy, no, I wasn’t a soldier boy. We became good friends in high school and even started a small singing group back then doing accapella. Trust me, we were good, at least judging by the kind of lady attention we got. This dude loves Micheal Jackson and used to dance his moves to the estate kids when they were young(information from a reliable source). He also wanted to joing the army cadets and even went for the intake lakini he did not make the cut. I believe, that was so that we meet in campus later.

Enter campus and we are green freshmen who think we own the world, and I see my old friend Gibson in the registration queue, lets just say that from then on it was good times. This guy is a great musician(great here does not by any means mean famous). He writes music that touches your soul man, very soulful stuff. He is a quarter of the gospel music group Five.Oh.One(it’s OK if you haven’t heard of them, fame is elusive) but you can check out one of their music videos here.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, meet Gibson Ndirangu. Really, my brother from another mother.


7 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [10]

  1. Walaar Gibbi you have also joined the Natty Dreads eh? Somebody say Dohty Dohty po po po!!!!! :-)

    Something Mut forgot to say…..Gibson is a cool cat..really cool cat!!! He is probably the essence of swag in Five oh One (Im saying probably just so I dont burn my bridges with the other 3)

    In other news, GREAT JOB MUT!!!!!!

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  4. I have to say that I really really enjoy your photographic compositions. They make the majority of my screen savers these days. They are bold and expressive and most interesting.

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