Photo For The Day :: Just Another Night In Nairobi

I love watching people, watching life go on from the sidelines. I observe lots of stuff going on around me and how people behave and react to different stuff. This, I guess is one reason I love photography, I have the right to observe without seemingly staring. I especially love night photography because I feel like I am observing a city that is oblivious of my presence. Oblivious of the fact that I’m watching. Below, life goes on as usual, someone is cursing at the build up of the traffic jam, someone else is walking home daydreaming about owning a car to join the jam. Someone is lighting a cigarette while another is making a promise to himself to quit smoking. Some are coming into town to start their day while many others are going home to end theirs.

I find that shooting night photos is therapeutic to me, changing settings, setting the long exposures and waiting patiently as a photo is created hoping that it looks awesome, seeing the photo on the small screen and doing the whole process all over again. It’s blissful. I find myself coming back down at around 8pm after 2 and a half hours of shooting and feeling tired but richly satisfied. It’s that feeling you don’t get from much else, only from doing that which seems to fulfill your destiny. That which money really cannot buy, maybe just facilitate. And so I raise my glass to photography, that which to me makes just another Nairobi night become much more than ‘just’


11 thoughts on “Photo For The Day :: Just Another Night In Nairobi

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  2. Mutua,
    I “stumbled upon” your photo by chance and as an avid photographer myself, I was so amazed by how fantastic this shot of Nairobi is. I must confess, I did not recognize it for minute! I thought it was some random European or even american city. Have you tried taking this in HDR? I think it would look sick!
    Great job and best of luck,

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