HERITAGE :: The Kenya Railway Station

Last week Thursday, a couple of photographer friends and I took to the Kenya Railways Station for a shoot of old grimy train containers. Steve kitots (@SteveKitots), David Mutua (@dipwiz), Shadrack (@Shaydest) and Hiuhu Murimi (@hmurimi) and I were the shooters and our weapons of choice were our camera’s (Follow them on twitter and check out their Railway shots by just clicking on the names). We had an enthusiast with us too, James (@wiselar) who is one for good conversation.

I find that the Railway Station is rich in history and that can be felt and seen in everything there. it is so vintage and grimy, in other words, shooter’s heaven, well for those who are into that sort of thing anyway. We shot, we talked, we shot, we talked.

I particularly like panorama’s and hdr and this first photo is a combination of both. It is a 10 photo panorama made from 5 exposures.


13 thoughts on “HERITAGE :: The Kenya Railway Station

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  2. am thinking wow. Mut, am also thinking textures for photoshop and illustrator especially the third photo. Would love to get them.

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