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Today, the lovely Saitonne teamed up with me to talk about something real and bring awareness to it. Breast Cancer. As part of my ‘Check Yoself, Free Yoself’ initiative, the next 2 Friday’s(October) shall be days dedicated to kicking cancer’s butt and being an encouragement to the affected. I shall have writers that you know, or not co-posting with me as I shoot photos to go with the story.

Let this not be a resounding gong that is heard yet ignored.

“My History With The Girls” by Saitonne

If I have to tell you about them I’ve got to trace my history with them, as a child I must have loved them only I don’t remember. Growing up I wanted them, only that mine came later and in a smaller size than the other girls. In my family I wasn’t the most endowed on the line up but those wonderful girly secrets taught me to dress them up.

Before I got them I noticed them. They were what made Miriam and her friends get teased  mercilessly I didn’t really get why they were such a source of fascination for the boys. When my time the teasing arrived in the box as well. They say it’s a package deal ;)

While I love them I know the truth that hidden dark secret that we almost always find out when it’s too late. That you need to watch them, carefully because just as the cat’s waiting to pounce on the milk the big C wants your twins.

Daily if possible, weekly if longer, and that doctor very regularly will keep them safe.Watchful checking is what you need. Do you love the twins  enough to keep them safe ?


The Author:

Saitonne is a writer, people-watcher and social media maven. She has a passion for fashion, art, people and business. (This is an easy, short description, there is much more to her)


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