I campus, and I guess in life, people form cliques, gangs, groups etc that hang out together and all that. When you are an Architecture student in campus, your clique is pretty much your class mates, because you get to spend about 18 hours a day with them, eat every meal together, cry together because you have to redo your project to satisfy the lecturer….long list. We were 4 dudes in my campus room….and one lady, Wairimu aka Neemo.

Neemo was my room mate by all definition, I don’t even know when she was in her room because I cant remember. I don’t know anyone who reads as much as she does yet. Her daily routine had her at some point curled up in bed(in a very tight ball) under covers with a book and a head sticking out of one end. I’m not too sure though, that she loved reading class work that much, though again she was my supplier of notes for the (very many) lectures I missed.

People, meet Neemo

As it is October, the breast cancer awareness month, we did one pink shot. Seriously, get yourself checked and nip the issue(if any) at the bud. If not be understanding and caring.


15 thoughts on “PERSONALITY THURSDAY [08]

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  2. @ kgee, i do not have a lazy walk.I prefer to think its contemplative.
    @Wiselar, yes, I do read a lot.
    @ Mutua, you asked me to do this…”WAWAWAWA si hiyo photoshoot ilikuwa hard…WAWAWAWAWA!”
    but crazy thanx for the shoot!

  3. Someone says i greatly resemble you Nimo. I like to think of it as you being the one who resembles me :-).
    All the same, AMAZING!!!!! Me likey very much

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