Photo For The Day :: ‘Just Another Nairobi Sunset’

I believe, with all my heart in God and that every evening He sits and paints a sunset so nice then sits back and smiles down at us saying “See, I told you I exist” and the next day He does it again. I love shooting sunsets. This was a very cloudy day at my fave shooting spot, the KICC, I was afraid there would be no visible sunset, then the clouds moved a bit to reveal some yummy colors behind them, then it was a shooting frenzy for me.


12 thoughts on “Photo For The Day :: ‘Just Another Nairobi Sunset’

  1. Mutua, I so believe God uses the earth as his canvas and He uses oil based paints to colour the magically different sunsets… Have you ever noticed that no sunset is the same? Just like your finger prints there is no one on earth who’s is the same ata identical twins…
    So love sunsets… they are breath taking…
    Good work Mutua… Keep it up…

  2. This is an amazing shot. It’s a short science lesson about the horizon and gravity and all that. Lakini that must have taken some serious stitching! Where the heck did you find that view? That’s high up!

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