Photo[s] For The Day :: The Kenya Railway

Boys love trains, I do not know what it is about them but we do love them. My adventures this time took me to the Kenya Railway Station in Nairobi to ‘have a look around’. I imagined the place would be cool but it ended up being more awesome than I thought. Immediately I entered the station, I felt like I had been hurled back into the past. I almost got a photo high from all the photographic opportunities there but I kept my cool and reserved some for the next time I head there to shoot.

I was accompanied by one of my partners in crime, Steve Kitoto. We stayed there till late and watched them adjust a few train cars and what not…it was awesome. For now, enjoy these.


16 thoughts on “Photo[s] For The Day :: The Kenya Railway

  1. Man, i saw you guys plan the shoot on twitter and I was full of envy. I was wishing i was there. I cannot wait to see more images that you and your partners in crime will make. Nice work.

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