Do you know how when you meet someone, you kinda know already if you are going to be great friends or just acquaintances? Yes, so when I met this girl back in the day, I knew I wanted her to be my friend for long. Not to mention I thought she was at least 4 years younger than I was. One small conversation led to another and what do you know, we are still great friends now. The first time we talked, it was for 4 hours at a bus terminal(KenCom). I knew I wanted a conversation like that again.

I have never met anyone who has a passion for God, hearing impaired people, fashion and kids like she is. She even studied sign language and not just one dialect, many dialects(apparently there are quite a few). Her best job would be one were she could combine kids, hearing impairment and fashion, however strange that sounds.

It is all these qualities that made me like hanging out with her so much, I just decided to marry her. So yes ladies and gentlemen, I present Mrs. M.

The idea to do the shoot with the scarf was hers. We just shot shot shot. I like the outcome very much. I’m very glad to have my very own super model in the house.



15 thoughts on “PERSONALITY THURSDAY [07]

  1. I like the black and white contrast (yes, I can never say it enough).It makes a shot very clean and pure. I don’t know whether innocent would be the right word. “Unadulterated”…that is the word!

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    The photos are nice, but I think the model makes them look even better!!!

    PS: Noni, these compliments are not for free….Ill send you the bill asap :-)

  4. (Insert Nigerian accent) AaaaaAh! Na I be the only one who dey feel this your (s)tori for how you dey meet na fall in love with your wife? Well na if so then here are my thoughts be like WOW!

    Now to the photography… I love the 4th one… it shows her as a deep thinker, which I suspect she is.


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