[teaser] I DO :: MORGAN + ANGIE

Another day, another wedding. Morgan and Angie made their big day a fun one for me. I enjoyed everything about this shoot in a way I did not think I would enjoy weddings(I usually associate them with work, work, work, at least photographically). This one though, was kinda easy for me, everything flowed, the couple was so much fun to shoot and very photogenic. They enjoyed being in each others company and so everything flowed for me.

You may remember them from their engagement shoot which you can see here. This being a teaser, I shall not share too much but a few photos to kinda whet your appetite for the full post coming very soon.


10 thoughts on “[teaser] I DO :: MORGAN + ANGIE

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  2. I love your photos,they’v got a life of their own.Rich ,artistic and i always feel the pictures are ryt infront of me.Like i can i can see what yu saw,feel what yu heard and still hear it.

    Good work my brother!

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