Last week Tuesday was Paragasha night by Anto Neosoul and I was there. Mrs M & I had had a long shooting day which ended at paragasha at ‘Club Soundd’. As you know, my event review is purely photographic so If you want the story bit, maybe, perhaps, not here. The setting was just as I like it; a spotlight on stage and darkness around. Makes for some good ‘low-key’ photos, which are my favorite kind of portraits.

I may mention though that Paragasha was one serious show and i totally enjoyed myself. Anto and all the other guys who rocked us were great. The band was on point. My highlights though were Sweetawa’s last poem(awesome stuff) and the Anto + Patricia duet(awesome) and the fact that it was freestyle, blew me away. I would recommend you to attend the monthly show next month. Happens every first Tuesday of the month.

On to the photos(well, at least some of them).

Skiza Band(I thought they had a superstar look to them, yes?)

Sweetawa on the mic. True Inspiration

Anto finally got on stage. I like his facial expressions, observe them

And then Patricia Kihoro stepped on stage for a deadly duet

Not being too used to Nairobi night life, and not wanting to tempt the thugs around home by getting there as they start work, Mrs M and I left paragasha night soon after this performance. have a good day y’all.



  1. Thanks you guys.
    @KenyanPrincess :) I guess I was scared at the idea of portraits and people’s expectations(the ones I would shoot). SO I started with friends and I’m glad I took the leap

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