After doing Shootout [02] – The Macronificent, it is time to present the results for Shootout [03] – Structures. Some great photographers came together to ‘take on the world, one frame at a time’. You can find out all about The Shootout here. James Quest, Leon Muli, Laetitia Galen, Jude Xavier, Omondi Abudho, Sebastian Wanzalla, Njeri Ngige & I took on the structures of Nairobi and beyond to bring you the 3rd installation of Shootout.

Here is my take on the assignment. Please take time to see the other shooter’s shots also. I shall share the link as soon as they are available.


11 thoughts on “SHOOTOUT [3] – STRUCTURES

  1. Bima House,Harambee House, ???, Stairs @ Jubilee Insurance; War Menorial Knytta Ave, Plaque from War Menorial Knytta Ave; UON entrance from inside; from ICEA glass lift; Holy Family; Intl Hse and Hilton; Coop on Haile Selassie….. How many right?

    • :-) 01. Postbank building 02&03. University of Nairobi 04. Norwich Union Stairs 05&06. Monument on Kenyatta Avenue 07. Library at Nairobi Uni 08&09. KICC 10. Int Life house 11. Times Tower
      You got a few right

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  3. Heh! Thats what it says on the statue thingi on Kenyatta Avenue. Awesome! Yaani Kenyatta Avenue ni DEEP!!!!!
    Yo Bro, Atta Boy!!!!!

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