Of Cameras & Photoshop & Non-stick pans

I know it’s Personality Thursday, but before the photos, allow me to rant about a particular breed of people. You know them, the ones who see my photos and are like ‘Wow, those are nice. What camera do you use?’ *face to palm*. But that sounds like a very reasonable question right? Well yes, but the problem is when people ask it to validate the quality of what they see. Its like, ‘oh, he uses a D40, no wonder he has good photos’ or ‘oh, he uses a D40, surely then it must be photoshop, yes, that explains it, photoshop!’

Maybe I should just shut up and deal with it, but I wont. Because it takes a lot more than a good camera to take good photos. Yes, a good camera does help but you see you have to be doing something to be helped. A good photo can be got by an inferior camera, even a camera phone and a crappy photo can be taken with a Nikon D3s in the hands of an idiot. A photographer is not someone with a really cool camera because it takes more. Calling someone a photographer just because they have a camera is as calling someone a marathon runner just because they have thin legs. It don’t work that way.

To make good photos, I believe, you need a very good eye to see the shot, then the camera shall help you get the shot. If you have a vision of what the shot should be then you shall know what to do with your camera, what settings to change(aperture size, exposure time, iso etc) so as to get that shot that is in your vision. Without that vision, you are just a blob of flesh with a real fancy camera, or even not. Sometimes, the camera is inferior to the task and so the creative mind thinks, what can I do using this camera to match what I want? That is what sets you apart. Take it this way, 2 people have to make a meal, one has a non-stick pan and the other doesn’t. They can both make an awesome meal, only problem is the guy without a non-stick pan may have to be more vigilant so his food does not stick on the pan. You may never realize what food was cooked on what pan unless you are that idiot who always has to ask ‘This food is good, what pans are you rocking?’

Bottom line is this. Unless you really want to know what camera I use, don’t ask so that you can try to ‘pima’ me. Once in a while, if you like a photographers work, just tell them so. Don’t be like ‘Wow your photos are nice, you must have a really good camera’ because we shall hit you over the head with a tripod.

Personality Thursday [06]

So my personality today is N’gendo. She is kinda crazy,(sorry N’gendo, apparently I’m supposed to be truthful) so I was really wondering how to portray her in the shoot. I guess we had to turn the crazy up, but not to high, I have a kinda serious blog here you know. She is a copywriter(still don’t get what those guys do), but she says it has a lot to do with word play. I have known her a short while but I do know that with her in the room, it is not boring. She has bursts of life happening here and there and is easily derailable, if she doesn’t derail you first.

So she came over to my, ahem,  studio and it was quite a bit of fun and derailment and all that. Her friend Njeri was with her so we left no face un-shot. They were great subjects and Mrs. M and I enjoyed myself. Without further ado.


17 thoughts on “PERSONALITY THURSDAY [06]

  1. good stuff.what is she eating?.i gues if that is the standard thn i hav a lng way 2 i thnk al get creativ with my camera phone.

  2. You know like, after i like totally read your blog, i got like this grand idea! If i buy a nikon i will be a great photographer like you too. Coz i like totally like taking photos, but av been thinkin how cool it would be, if i bought a camera like yours, then i could like totally take the same quality of photos as yours and then guys would be like, you’re sooo like totally a photographer!

  3. Great shots…love the lighting on the first one. I like the intro piece too. Let me just confirm that i read the blog to learn…thanks for ur consistency. Be blessed.

  4. I loves the 5th shot with the face contorted and all… [Is that you she wanted to smack with the laptop, must be]

    Oh, and about the rant? Being an artist is not just having the right tools, but having an “EYE” and a creative mind.

    Good work you’re doing.


  5. Ohhhhh ok so you use a D40, ehe… and do you use Adobe AfterEffects or something like that? I have a friend of a friend of a photographer who uses it and your photo looks like that.

    Anyway, I love the 2nd photo, she has a cheeky look in her eye, one isn’t sure what she’s going to do with the thing in her hand.

  6. Thanks for all your comments :-) i have very much enjoyed going through ’em all.
    Sonny, you get a tripod whack upside your head right about now.
    Wiselar, thankfully it wasn’t me being whacked over the head with the laptop :-)
    Wambui, yes a D40 and photoshop, nothing more nothing less.
    Btw that ‘thing’ in her hand in photo 2 & 3 is a cricket ball. Don’t ask

  7. Muts!! WELL SAID- THANKS FOR THAT POST! I have always wanted to say this but you couldn’t have said it ANY BETTER! Took the words right out of my mouth! WHACK THEM ON THE HEAD WITH A TRIPOD!! LOVE IT

  8. kool stuff…We ameatures wouldn’t know what to do with a D40, let alone a pin-hole camera. We appreciate the talent some of us wish we had. keep up the good work….is there photography for dummies somewhere?

  9. Dude, i totally get what you are saying about the camera swaliz.

    I heard someone say this to someone who said “nice image! what camera did you use?” He said “i got the camera from the same place Shakespeare bought his pen.”

    It’s not the camera but the person behind it that makes the images and you my friend make nice images. Keep it up.

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