The University of Nairobi(UoN)

I don’t know why the post is called Nairobi-ish, it is what came to my mind as I was typing the heading. But I am showing a Nairobi-ish building and a Nairobi-ish guy today. I have recently discovered that the University of Nairobi has some really fascinating architecture. The buildings, the spaces are well designed and thought out. It is therefore my mission to photograph the buildings of the UON as much as I possibly can till I cover them all, starting with this building.

Just as a point to note, the Shootout 3 theme is ‘Structures’ so if you really like buildings, architectural photography and all, keep your eyes on here and here.

Paragasha Night

Yesterday saw Mrs. M(my wife) and I, at paragasha night where Anto was killing it on the mic with an array of other artists. The gig was too fresh, if you weren’t there, plan to be there next month, no regrets. So even though this is not a full photographic post on the show, I do have one shot to whet your appetites before I do. Anto doing his thing.


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