I had the opportunity to finally shoot my awesome awesome peoples. We have been friends for a very long time but I haven’t taken deliberate shots of them like this so I was really excited for this one. These guys are part of my coolest married people around too so we do quite a number of stuff together.

Kelvin is an architect, we were campus roommates and did lots of silly things together, it’s messed up. He has a dream, and his dream is to be able to make good design something that the less fortunate can afford. He has a passion for low cost architecture that can be done for the poorer people so that they can enjoy good design and living conditions without having to pay with a kidney and a lung. He met Anne in campus as a freshman and long story short, they have been married about a year now.

Anne was the serious one in campus. The one who loved reading(though she would say ‘she had to, she didn’t love it’) but we all know she did. She has a passion for kids, nurturing them and all, and food(making it more than eating it). I know that in the near future she shall either have a very uptown restaurant or a daycare center or both.

The different persons in Kelvin & Anne

For this shoot. We had story lines that all involved being sharp, hence the ma-suits and all. It is my first time doing a couple so it had it’s own challenges, like lighting and shadows falling on each other but I think I did well.

We did different scenarios inspired by action movies with sharp star roles. You see them showing a bit of love, just a bit. We have them getting that movie poster pose. We even have one called ‘Boss Lady’ my favorite shot of the day. Well, enjoy the shots, dont let me stop you.

Technical details;

I used 2 soft box lights. One strong fluorescent soft box on the left and a small incandescent soft box on the right. Lots of adjustment of location and camera settings to get the exposure where I wanted it.

On post, I turned down the brightness and bumped up the contrast to create the effect I was looking for. I also slightly burned the background to focus on the subject.

I use the Color Effex plugin from Nik Software for my favorite filter and Silver Effex plugin from Nik Software for the black & white conversion.

And my favorite shot for the day “Boss lady”. Have a good day y’all.


17 thoughts on “PERSONALITY THURSDAY [05]

  1. Great stuff Mutua and the Bwamus…you rocked it.The last one reminds me of Neyos Miss Independent video,2nd last …Mr and Mrs Smith…hehe.Did I get em right?Keep them comin.

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