Finally the final photos are out, well at least some of them are.

This couple truly amazes me as to how different they are and how similar they are too. Morgan is the structured kind of guys who follows a strict regiment every morning while Angie is the spontaneous one so it’s interesting to see them relate. Apparently, they dated in campus then stopped, they finished their undergrad and went on with life. Being a village as Nairobi is, they met again and I guess it took them back to the days and they started dating again and shortly after, decided to get  married.

I had with me a very good friend of mine, Steve Kitoto who is a photographer too. We shot together and decided to display our work together. You shall see his photos soon right here. He is a Canon guy and I’m a Nikon guy so we have a rivalry going on :-). Go on to his blog & check out his photos on his flickr.

This was a very fun shoot, they love being together and all I had to do was shoot, shoot, shoot as they laughed, talked, giggled. They got married this past Saturday so watch out for those wedding photos soon.

Here are the Cannon Shots by Steve Kitoto. You got to love what happens when you bring two photographer’s together with one agenda. Things get fiery. I love His work and I’m sure you shall too.



  1. Man, hats off. This one is amazing. I love love love the bokeh, the shots, the story… everything. I need lessons, and yes pictures too.

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  3. Muts, this is amazing work. Congratulations on the fantastic job :-)
    Can hardly wait for the wedding pics…
    May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I’m glad y’all enjoyed the photos. More to come soon. I realize all these comments are by Ladies LOL. Us men usually appreciate in approving nods :-)

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