It has been a very busy week for me as I prepare for a wedding am shooting on Saturday and a few projects I have to hand over beginning next week. I even almost forgot to shoot the portraits for today, how sad would have that been. So anyway, yesterday I got home from work very eager to some shots when my very reliable model for the day flipped on me because he had not shaved (this is a good point to roll your eyes). Since I had planned to do a guy model this week, I turned to the other most reliable subject I know, me.(am glad some of you thought i would say my wife). I decided to do some self portraits of me in a very hairy stage of my life, beards and all.

Very important person I must mention here is my wife who was holding the light for me. She is my number one fan and supporter. This shoot was funny because she was holding the light while very hungry and smelling good food and at the same time following the season’s finale of ‘Jacob’s Cross’ so it was crazy but cool. I like working with her. So without further ado I present;

The different faces of Mutua:

So I did very many Identities here(maybe what I would have wanted to be?) I don’t know. We have the male model, the Jazz band player, the CEO, the boxer, the karate kid(ok man).

So which one of me do you like most, so to speak. Enjoy your thursday


14 thoughts on “PERSONALITY THURSDAY [04]

  1. For a moment I thought the CEO was the one throwing karate kicks. I was scared for a moment there but great photos… in line…………. Have a great photo shoot at the wedding!

  2. The second shot is awesome…especially the lighting…keep it up and all the best at the wedding.
    PS: I’m really waiting for the blog of the engagement photos:-)

  3. I love jazz band player more so because of the blue light. The wife did a good job. However the if the boxer one had a red light instead I think it would kick ass so to speak. :-)

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