Personality Thursday [03]

It is a beautiful day, I just had to say that because the sun is shining, the skies are clear, I love it. I am having a very busy week with shoots every evening after my day job (I know I shall have to pay my wife back for all that time). It is exciting though and I am very glad I do it. I am improving my photography every time I shoot.

Dance till you drop!

Well, today’s personality is called Christopher Bupe. You may have seen him on music videos in Kenya.

I met Bupe, I think in 2000 or thereabout, he was this rapper boy with a weng’ and had tight rhymes. It was the music that first drew us close because I also was in a high school music group then. Sometimes we’d sit and ‘bust rhymes’ – write songs, together and all. One thing I admire about Bupe is his love for God. It is clear through his music and relationships, you feel it shine through. He is also a diligent man who loves graphic design and has been behind a number of billboards you have seen in the city.

Something you may not know about Bupe is that he was the Eastern province swimming champ back in the day, dude is a fish, OK at least was. I don’t know any more. Just watch out for this guy because his music is going to be big and change lives big time. I even thought to attach his video so you can see for yourself. This video is bananas.

Where are the photos, you say. I know, OK here they are.


7 thoughts on “Personality Thursday [03]

  1. Thanks all you guys for your comments.

    @Direction Man, They are there but these are the only ones I could show. More shall come much much later after the need is met.

    @Matto thanks bro, you know you were the first and this is how far we have gone

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