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Many of you who read this blog may know that I am an Interior Designer by day. It is an interesting job and very involving, but also richly satisfying. I am employed by a company called Image 360 designs, at the risk of sounding cocky, I shall say it, we do great stuff. Recently, my photography finally met design when the boss asked me to do some shots, actually, I insisted to. I don’t regret it at all.

This is just a small showcase of designs we have done that I have shot. More shall come soon. This opened my foray into Interior design shooting.

Technical details:

For the photographer’s, you know how hard it is to do Interior Design shots because of the varying light in the room. The windows bring in a harsh light but the corners are extremely dark so what to do.

1. You can shoot using strobes to illuminate the dark areas and even out the light.

2. I don’t have any strobes so I had to use bracketed shots. Shot 3 exposures from -2, 0, +2 and merged them as HDR on photomatix pro but chose very subtle settings so as to leave them looking natural. That was the final photo has all ranges well exposed for the very dark & very bright areas



Unfortunately I had to remove the photos that were previously here due to client requests. What can a man do? I am sorry for that. The future though, is full of opportunity so watch this space, more is definitely coming.


14 thoughts on “Interior Design

  1. wow!! Muts, the interior design is on point!! Are these places in kenya? if so i really should think about contracting you guys to do some interior design for us….

  2. Muts,
    Congratulations first for having that eye of an experienced photographer, no question your photographs are Architectural journal Material. Good!

    The choice of color especially in the office space is daring but good. The Interior space of the lounge is well done. I like the simplicity of the decor, the choice of furniture complements the focus on the space i.e is the t.v, the headroom appears big and thus gives the room air! Good.

    Now I just wish in your work we could also have a chance to experience the exterior of these beautiful spaces.

  3. I would love to join you.I’ve done a few deco stuff got an eye fot interior but never done any project.but I’m ready to work with an interior designer to learn more in that field.I love design.u think I have a chance?

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