Shootout II – The Macronificent

Photo for the Day – Self Portrait

Yesterday, I experimented with a self-portrait, not because I want the whole world to know how I look but because it’s exiting. It’s fun to do self-portraits and I may be putting one out weekly, maybe, we shall see. Well here goes the attempt.

Shootout II – The Macronificent

Some of you that follow the blog here know that I recently got indited into the Shootout *super exiting*. This month we were doing macro photography, this is photography of small things at a scale of 1:1 or larger. It was a totally new field of photography for me but I must say it was very exciting. 7 photographers shot in the assignment and all the results can be viewed on our Behance group. I would highly encourage you to check it out. This is Kenyan photographers showcasing some good work. My output for the assignment is here for your viewing pleasure, like much? please let me know.

Do have a beautiful day today.

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