Personality Thursday [02]

I love social media, it’s is a good escape for some, a way to connect with like minded individuals for others, among many other things. This is a story revolving around social media.

Stranger Danger

You know how everyone now has an alter ID on social media? That is the funny story here. I had been communicating with Noni on twitter(her with her alter ID), she knew who I was, I didn’t know who she was. We talked and decided to meet up for a shoot. When we met, I find out she is an old pal from campus. I must say it was a really a relief, first time meets are usually awkward.

My plan was to meet her at an open place and kinda get her ‘vibe’. I told myself that the minute I got a strange ‘vibe’ off of her, I’d ditch her, feign an excuse or something and be outa there. It wasn’t at all like that.

Today’s personality is Noni.

I met her during my first few freshman days on campus. When I say met, I mean saw her. She was part of an elite super hot female crew that was the subject of the famed ‘gold rush’ on campus. I was part of the goofy squad of boys so clearly we didn’t roll in the same circles. Time has it’s effect on everything and so we eventually talked and I was pleasantly surprised by who she was because I found out she really was approachable(that was a refreshing turn of events).

She is friendly and smart and has a kind of accomplished air around her. She seems to have a tough exterior because she has fierce eyes and a ‘shten’ outlook that might make someone think twice before approaching her but once you get over that initial ‘fear’, you shall be pleasantly surprised. I like that kind of a surprise. I think it is good that we talked and became friends, I do not regret it at all.

Do have a good, unsuspecting day, will ya.


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