Green Bottles

Yesterday I did the shoot for ‘Personality Thursday 02’. It was kinda exiting I got to say. I am slowly warming up to people shots and I hope to get better at that sort of thing as I grow as a photographer. Thanks for all the guys who come in here on a daily to check out the photos I put out. You encourage me to be more.

Photo for the Day – Green Bottles

During the weekend, my wife and I visited as you may have seen on this blog we do a lot. Any Kenyan knows Alvaro and Novida drinks, yes? Now on this day I really took down many Novida’s and the bottles accumulated on the table(not just mine btw). When it was picture time, I looked at the ‘live view’ on the camera and I liked the green with the light behind and bokeh formations. Naturally, I took a few shots.

Seems like this week I am doing a lot of beverages. Well, enjoy the pictures.

And No! Novida (The Coca Cola company) did not endorse these photos :-). Feel free to drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Green Bottles

  1. Waaah !!! Your RSS is not trimmed anymore, I actually have pics and texts in it. Thanks for your prompt action, Mutua !!

    Personally, I believe it is much much better… I can follow up your blog, see your content and freely come back to your website for comments/advance viewing. You give me freedom, much appreciated !

    Sadly, I am Coca Cola addict ! You should add next to your disclaimer that Coca Cola can be harmful to your health.

    Again, thanks for listening to my previous comment.

    • You are very welcome. I didnt know that since no one had mentioned it but thanks for bringing that up. Thanks also for your comments, they are very interactive. Btw, I too are a Coke addict, this day, there was no Coke so I decided to go Novida.

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