The Art of the Kenyan Tea

We love tea in Kenya. It’s an absolute everyday drink. We also make some darn good tea which the world over gets to taste. I am particularly proud of our tea, even though I am not an ardent partaker, but my mom is so I guess that counts.

My wife & I visited with some friends who are serious tea drinkers. This is an account of their tea preparation, in photos of course. This ain’t a cooking blog you know. Decipher for yourselves the ingredients and all because, I can’t make tea to save my life. I can only take photos of people making the tea.

The Ingredients-ish

The process

The Setup

The take down

Well if you follow these instructions carefully, you are able to make(at least visually) a cup’a good ol Kenyan tea. All the best with it. I should say right now that any side effects or injuries(read stomach upsets) sustained attempting this shall not be the fault of the blogger. :-)

Do you like tea too? How do you like your tea? Do have a good day.


13 thoughts on “The Art of the Kenyan Tea

    • Tea or coffee ?
      Cats or dogs ?

      Me – Cats and coffee… I like tea also, but prefer coffee. Don’t like “chai” (the Kenyan process), too heavy on stomach; I favor English tea (like Earl Grey) without milk.

      Nice blog you have Mutua, I will write a small article about your blog… It is one of the best I have seen regarding photography. There is just one thing I dislike, no picture in your RSS. Fail to understand why a blog about photography is not putting photo in feed ? Plz, at least, try to add a thumbnail.

      Keep up the good work !! And thx for all your nice wallpapers ! You rock !

  1. One of the best Kenyan blogs I have come across … I have deep respect for anyone who celebrates Kenya using their unique gifts and you have a powerful gift!
    As A KENYAN tea connoisseur, you got the ingredients, process, tools and service down to a tittle!
    An authentic cup of Kenyan tea MUST have:
    Kenyan tea leaves direct from the factory, Tropical Heat Tea Masala, a sufuria, a gichungi (i.e. Kenpoly plastic sieve), THERMOS (not the brand but Kenyan speak for flask) and of course the mugs – I only wish you got a hold of the enamel mugs to complete the picture ;-)

    • Thank you for the comment Rita. You do seem to love and know your tea. Yes the enamel cups would have been a nice addition. Thanks you for checking this out, I do hope you shall keep coming back to see more.

  2. Wow… Nice photo essay. I love our tea and I always take it with me whenever I am even if I am in a tea producing country. I enjoyed reading your photoblog as well.

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