Personality Thursday

I am slowly getting over my fear of shooting people. In fact, to push myself further, I have decided to add another weekly post, Personality Thursday so I ensure that I do a portrait shot every week. The excuse I used for a while was the lack of strobes(lights) to give me that good light but I rigged up a small(trust me, very small) light for this purpose and used a translucent plastic dish as a diffuser, talk about being cheap. If you saw the ‘behind the scenes’ photo, you would think I’m a joke.

Today’s personality is Martin Njoroge.

I have known him since 2004 from our years in Campus. Martin is a guy with a passion for leadership. And I don’t mean being in power but leadership. He is one of the most diplomatic people I know who can solve any crisis with His tongue, It really is a gift. He loves God and attributes his existence to Him. He loves to cook and wash dishes(that’s the strange one). He is a great MC who does a good job at interacting with people.

I know Martin shall be one of the people that change Kenya one time because he has already started. He mentors young people in Jomo Kenyatta University to be responsible leaders.


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