Multiple Personality

Have you ever wished that their was more of you? I have. I have to confess though, sometimes when I need more of me, it’s not to do more good but so that at least one of me can rest while the others slave. The point is, If you had the ability to multiply yourself, would you? What would you do with the rest of you? I think I’d want each of my talents to have a personality. I’d be an artist, a photographer, a musician, an architect, an Interior designer…I’m sure I’d be able to find more things for the rest of me to be. I would make sure though, that all the pleasure derived would link back to me so that the rest of me experience the same pleasure every one of me experiences.

For now though, all I can do is play ‘hide and seek’ with myself and be ‘cruel to myself’ as you shall see from the photos for today. I hope you like ’em as much as I enjoyed shooting ’em.

Technical how to.

I used a tripod(you cant escape this for this kind of photo) and composed the scene the way I had imagined the photo in my head. The idea is to take different photos from the same exact point, with the subject adopting different positions for each of the exposures.

You have to do this on manual settings and focus so your ‘point of view‘ POV and focus doesn’t change. You can use the self timer to take a photo of yourself(if you, like me, want to be your own subject) or you can use a remote trigger or you can set every thing and have someone else press the shutter release(my wife did)

After taking the photos, open and layer them in photoshop(one at a time) then mask out or mask in the person below, keep masking and adding the next photo till your image is done.

After that, you can apply whatever post processing you want to, to give the desired feel and effect.

That is all you need. Enjoy this and if you do one, please feel free to tweet me a link (@Truthslinger) so I see it too


14 thoughts on “Multiple Personality

    • Thanks Chris. Yes I do include the shadow in the mask. Itry to make the environment look as natural as possible so you wonder how it was possible rather than how not. Sometimes you can be sneaky and ensure the subjects don’t overlap each other(like the hideNseek photo) that way their isn’t too much masking to be done.

  1. the pics look really cool and you are so spot on with the clone vibe. I would be the one sleeping… the other would be my working robot… out of body experience or something…

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