Light it Up for Peace

Photo for the Day – Light It Up For Peace

When I shot this, it was the day before the Kenyan August 4th referendum. There was a gathering thingy going on at the KICC, it had to do with the constitution and the referendum. As it ended, they lit candles which I assumed were for peace. Its on the bottom right part of the photo.

Technical details:

Its a panorama, stitched from 4 bracketed shots tonemapped in Photomatix pro. Iso 200, Lens 18-55mm at 18mm focal length. On photoshop post; Color and contrast correction, A few filters from Nik Color Effex Pro (polarization, ND & a few others I cant remember)

Ngong Hills at dusk

Being Friday, I decided to throw in a bonus shot of Ngong hills. All right, that’s it, enjoy. Any comments are welcome below.


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