Pillars of Power

Photo for the Day – Pillars of Power

When I was in Uhuru park taking these photos, I realize that I was looking at my favorite shooting pad(KICC), which overlooks parliament which is in line with KRA HQ, Times Tower. It saddens me that Parliament is where the gathering contains 90% liars and part time crooks. Those that we put in power to apparently represent us in there, in short, we entrust our opinions to them, that they shall express our sincere needs and requests in there. I don’t if it’s just me who feels thoroughly shortchanged here.

What am I ranting about? I mean my work is just to take photos right? Well what I do is try to see Nairobi and by extension, Kenya through a different eye(my lens) and hopefully the beautiful picture through my lens shall inspire us to create that Image for our country. It’s not about the guy next to you, or the politicians that care much about their next fat cheque. It’s about me and you.

Ni Sisi!

Shootout 2

To more exiting news, I am going to be part of Shootout. Yes I can hear you asking ‘What the heck is shootout?’ Shootout is an Initiative by 2 photographers; Omondi Abudho and Jude Xavier to ‘Take on the world, one shot at a time’. Please check out the website, shootout.co.ke to read more. Shootout 1 was about night photography in Nairobi, Shootout 2 is dubbed ‘Macronificent’ and I have been selected, among other photographer’s to participate *excited*. So anyway, this is a sneak peek of what shall be going down on Shootout 2.

Wow I have written too much on this post, its not the reason you come here, no?

What contribution do you have about the topics today? Whatever criticism you have about my trial macro shots, be gentle, I am an artist and we are sensitive about our stuff. Have a good day.


6 thoughts on “Pillars of Power

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  3. This is the perfect post and may be one that should be followed up to see what goes on

    A friend emailed this link the other day and I will be eagerly anticipating your next blog post. Continue on the wonderful work.

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