The Garden, The Grave, The Sky(Live Concert photos)

On Monday I uploaded some photos from this concert and I promised more today…so true to my word, here are more photos from the concert.

I have to say, it was a well organized concert, started on time and was value for money, totally. It started with a word from JayJay, our pro MC and Rock Of Ages came on stage. These guys can ROCK. I don’t even love rock but you shoulda seen my head bobbing behind the camera like i was a bubble head.

X-po, a rap artist took to the stage next and killed us with a couple of jams including his latest jam ‘Altar Ego’ a sick track that you can download here for free.

Mission Driven came in after X-po and continued with the trend of killing us with sweet music. The Barnabas jam was especially sweet.

Finally Ruhamah came on and rocked us with some Kenyan jams that got us dancing and all that. (From my definitions, you can tell that I do not write as well as I take photos) so just enjoy the photos and see the concert through my lens.

To view the photos below large, just click on the photo and start. Enjoy viewing them and feel free to drop a comment if you like em.


9 thoughts on “The Garden, The Grave, The Sky(Live Concert photos)

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  2. Whoohoo!!
    These are brilliant, dude. I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to get to an internet connection, but these are off the Hook!!! I can’t beleive that’s us :-)

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