Brewed to go with the good times

Photo for the day – Brewed to go with the good times

You see I kinda knew that this title would get you Kenyan’s here expecting something else, right. Pardon me, I do not mean to mislead, it’s not a post about Tusker but in view of the cold weather that has got us the past few days, what better drink to brew than Chai, Kenyan style. My wife and I were visiting with some friends over the weekend. The cold dictated the drink for the day. Enjoy the shot.

Daily Shoot 251

So for the Daily shoot #251 we had to; [Make a photo that uses negative space to good effect. Give your subject room to breathe, and balance it within the frame.] Since I was at a concert, it is where I did my shot.


4 thoughts on “Brewed to go with the good times

  1. Super stuff, as usual.
    May God keep raising up ur skills.
    Just remembered Pro 22:29 – ‘Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings; he will not stand before obscure men.’

  2. geez can remember when you used to make anime figures out of ushindi bars and being super amazed by your skill.. Now the photography which is expectational by the way. May God Bless the work of your hands.. and congrats you got awesome skills/talent.

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