The Nation Center

Daily Shoot 249

So we are at #ds249 of the Daily shoot today and the task was; [Rotate your camera today a bit and make a slightly off-angle photograph. Use the angle to emphasize your subject.]

I had shot the steps first(without the shoes), then i felt that I needed a subject, my neighbor’s shoes were lying around so I kinda snipped them for the shot and put em right back. (My b&w appreciation week continues). Anne I hope you are not reading this to discover your shoes as my subject, but if you do, aren’t you glad I got their cool look?…

I also did another option with some more shallow DOF.

Shot for the day – Nation Center

Finally more night shots of the city. I know many of you were drawn here by the night shots in the city, well I am back to my evasive maneuvers for shooting while avoiding the Nairobi City Council (who reserve the right to arrest at any time). This time its the Nation Center building. The Nation is one of the leading media houses in Kenya(newspaper, radio and TV) and this is their dwelling place.

So I am sure you have noticed the frames I used. Those are from a plugin called Photo frames pro. I think you can do some amazing framing with these. The software has hundreds of other frames to use too.

So please discuss in a comment(s) below whether you prefer the color or b&w shot, and whether you think the frames work. What other ways can we use to frame our work(photos/artwork) for stunning results?

9 thoughts on “The Nation Center

  1. Nation has this pic and the full pic shows a smiley.The jutted windows at the top are the eyes and nose at the centre and a smile below.
    All in all, the pic is good, looks better coloured.The B&W is artsey.

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