Lots of Black & White

Shot for the day – Little Yellow Flower

Yes, it is a flower day today, I know most people here have gotten used to seeing night photography of Nairobi but cummon, give a fella a break. This is a flower right outside our office. Its not a HDR, for those wondering.

Daily Shoot

You remember that I do photography practice at Dailyshoot.com right? Well the following are my daily shoots from #ds241 – #ds246. Please enjoy and feel free to also visit the source(my flickr)

Under Stacey

Dailyshoot #241. [Make a photo from a low point of view. Go for a dramatic effect by changing the appearance of the size of your subject.]

That Thing

Dailyshoot #242. [Get creative with abstraction today. Make a photograph of patterns and/or shapes that aren’t recognizable objects.]

No Sausages :-(

Dailyshoot #ds243. [Everyone loves food photos! Make a close-up photograph of food you’re enjoying on a Friday. Arrange for good lighting.]

What Tha….?

Dailyshoot #ds244. [Find something that’s out of context today, natural or staged, and make a photograph.]


Dailyshoot #ds245. [Sunday Challenge: Compose an image that has a soft and dreamy look today, and make a photograph.]


Dailyshoot #ds246. [Ads promote removing wrinkles, but they often add character. Make a photo of something wrinkled, crinkled, or folded.]

4 thoughts on “Lots of Black & White

  1. Black and white! we sought colour and now we are back to these simple colours. If only people would view life as black and white.

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