Go, Stop

Shot for the day – I&M Tower

I hope y’all are not already bored of the I&M building, I know I’m not(I love this building), OK you can be after this because this is the last photo in the series.

After taking the straight photo(posted earlier), I took a step back and recomposed the shot. I think it kinda worked, yes? I also liked how the traffic lights were go, stop. They changed as I was taking the shots and see the cars go, good thing because it gave me some nice light streaks which I’m a sucker for.

I decided to also do a black and white version for the color blind(no pun intended). Which one do you prefer?


3 thoughts on “Go, Stop

  1. hi,whoever u are,am loving your work,i mean the coloured version brings out the kenya u’d dream of despite the utter desperation going on…bravo,keep it up!

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