Photo of the Day – I&M building

Daily Shoot back-load

Well it had been a long time without posting my daily shoot photos(check out, my limited multi-tasking ability was even lower, what can I say. So today I shall try catch up with lost time

Glassy Appeal

The #236(daily shoot 236) assignment was [Glass is a material that’s used in so many different ways. Make a photograph of a glass subject today.] It usually is a bit of a hustle shooting glass because you have to make sure the reflections are also perfect. After taking the first photo, i realised the reflections were not too clean but i liked that they looked kinda dynamic so i kept them.

Greened Out

The #238(daily shoot 238) task was to [Find a scene that’s dominated by one color and make a photograph of it. Use light and shadow to accentuate detail.] I went all green and natural.


The #239(daily shoot 239) task was to [Focus on a fragment of an object today. Make a photograph that only shows part of an object, not the whole thing.]

Photo of the day – I&M building

If you have been following here, you know I have been doing brave maneuvers by attempting night photography in Nairobi city. Okay it really wasn’t that bad. I took this photo on Friday(same day as the Stanley photo) and realized Friday is actually not a very good day to do shots in Nairobi, too many people. Next time i shall try Sunday.

So this photo is a result of merging 5 exposures in Photomatix and remixing in Photoshop for the final tweak. Enjoy.


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