Photo of the Day – Sarova Stanley

I had intended to take this photo on Thursday, I even met up with a friend who wanted to accompany me(security detail :-)) when I got out my camera, i discovered the unthinkable, i had left my battery charging in the office. Needless to say it was a disappointing turn of events, i decided to spend that time scouting potential shoot zones instead.

So anyway on Friday(the next day), i did not forget my battery and marched into town for the shot. Good thing i met up with a few friends by chance who accompanied me and gave a sense of security during this shoot. I love how Nairobi looks at night and I endeavor to do as many shots of Nairobi night as possible.

Everything went smoothly until we finished and packed up. But as we were leaving, a security guy from the Stanley stopped us and told us we should not be taking photos for security reasons(reasons I do not understand at all). Good thing my friend David, a smooth taking digital film-maker was there and the security guy left us with our cameras(and skulls) intact. Thanks to Martin, David and Angie for your company(and security).


10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day – Sarova Stanley

  1. Wow! That’s gorgeous! It’s hard to believe that it’s the same place I’ve been seeing all these years. Thankyou!

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