Frontrunnerz wallpapers

So for those who don’t know, Frontrunnerz is the youth church I attend. As part of a re-branding exercise, we have done a new logo and fresh new colors. Find some wallpapers here that show our direction, they are all in wide screen format so i am sorry for the ‘box screen’ users but those other resolutions shall be available later.

Feel free to download, share, and refresh you computer screen.

Free Tshirt Give-away

Now we are building a fresh new Frontrunnerz sanctuary, a really cool youth center. As with all cool things, it is going to cost quite an amount which we have to raise as Frontrunnerz. As part of this initiative, we are doing some really cool limited edition tee’s. There is going to be only 200 of these tee’s printed so you need to get yourself one as soon as possible if you want to be among the cool 200. If you want to pre-order one, you can do that in church on Sunday at our dedicated blue desk. I guess you can also book one at our facebook group here.

Now for the part you have been waiting for. We are giving away a free tshirt right here right now. What do you have to do, comment on this post and we shall pick the comment that tickles us the most. That’s it. We shall announce the winner on Monday 1.00pm Kenyan time.The said tshirt is the one below.

Okay get to commenting now, go, go, go!


26 thoughts on “TSHIRT GIVE-AWAY

  1. Totally awesome, am likin the design. Just one thing is the last letter s or z coz its meant to be ‘z’. BARAKA

  2. the t-shirts are superb. u have undeniably left the city of ur comfort n tapped into the wilderness of ur intuition. by the way hpe u will maintain gold as one of the colours of frontrunnerz.

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