Eastern Sunset

New Design

I have just redone the blog as you can see. I wanted to be able to display my photos at the largest resolution available and now you can see them at 900 pixels(that’s got to be cool). So feel free to enjoy the new design, the bigger photos and the cool links available.

If it’s your first time here, welcome. I have a few resources that might be helpful to anyone who is into design and photography so check out the ‘Sites I love’ section at the bottom for cool links. If you follow me on twitter, you shall also get first hand cool links and updates on the blog.

Daily Photo – The Eastern Sunset

This one was taken in Machakos, the Eastern province of Kenya. One characteristic that sets Machakos apart is the fact that it is surrounded by hills, this can make for some cool shots i think. I managed to catch the sunset and do a HDR of it. What is HDR? you ask. Well i shall direct you to one of the websites that has been my bible as i keep learning HDR, ‘stuckincustoms‘ by Trey Ratcliff. Head on there and you shall learn from the guru about this kind of photography and processing.


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