Nairobi from Above

I have been introduced to a juicy new shooting spot(and place for reflection if only it wasn’t so cold up there). The KICC helipad which btw, is open to the public for 150ksh only, its extremely cool. I did a couple of shots from up there. Today i share 2 day shots and 2 evening ones, more to come as keep processing them so for now, enjoy.

Those who are technical on procedure, this shot is a 5 exposure HDR that was stitched together in PTGui to form this panorama.

This next one is not a panorama. It is a 5 exposure HDR, photomatix and finetuned in photoshop.

The next two are 3 exposure HDR’s. Evening shots from a very precarious edge, adrenaline was pumping overtime, i was afraid i would shake the camera.


One thought on “Nairobi from Above

  1. How do you do the hdr? Did you have a tripod and then do different shots? Or does the camera do that for you?
    How do you compensate for people/cars moving?

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