I wanna be 12 again

I feel happy to be posting for the second day in a row. Seems very hard to post lately, guess there is too much to do.I am glad that photography gives a daily outlet for me to just forget about stuff going on you know.

You all know about the Daily Shoot where we get tasks for our daily shooting practice. Its a really good website especially if you want to get a lot of photography practice. I decided to start about a month ago with a 100 photo limit and I am glad to say that I am on number 35 or so, am glad.

Every now and then I showcase right here my favorite photos that the other photographers took that really impressed me. I call it my top 10 shots. For Daily Shoot task 200, we took nostalgic photos of our favorite childhood sports, games or activities. As always, these are my favorite 10 photos from 10 different photographers. Click on their images to learn more about them.

Solitare by Roger H Goun

June 3 by Devon Adams

Never Met A Crayon I Didn’t Like…. by Krissy

Tire Swing by Martha T

Cats Cradle by Karen

#ds200 by Dolmansaxlil

Stretch by Brandon Doran

The Memory of Running Free by Remek Trzaska

Hop, skip and… by Sean Stephens

#ds200 by Ricardo Corbacho

Today I have an honorary mention for my man Steve Kitots as he joined the daily shoot too. This here is his first photo.

And as always, i finish with my own interpretation of this assignment

Hide n Seek by Mutua Matheka

Have a good day people. If you can, play one of these games this weekend.


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