Down and Dirty

So the going at Daily Shoot has been army strong. I am personally on my 35th photo and that is a big deal to me, looks like 100 is going to be coming very soon. So this is a collection of Daily Shoot 199. The regulars know what to do but if you are new to this blog, welcome, feel free to take a look everywhere and drop a comment if you can. This right here is a collection of 10 photographs from 10 different photographers who all undertook this assignment. The following 10 are my personal favorites for the assignment, maybe you could tell me which one is your favorite. Also if you click on the photos, it shall take you to the photographers’ photo pages where you can see the rest of their work so please do.

Okay then, here we go.



Winter Wheat



Down & Dirty

In The Grass


Counting the hairs


And finally my own interpretation of the assignment


That’s it for today, what was your favorite photograph? Comment and let me know. Do have a beautiful rest of the day.


4 thoughts on “Down and Dirty

    • Thanks for that. I hope you do know that mine is only the last one. The rest are from the guys who do the daily shoot like me. I try to post the ones i love most from all the submissions

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